The Nomad Line is sold exclusively through Heath Ceramics.  Pricing and dimensions can be found here.


The Nomad Line is designed to travel with you, adding beauty to all the spaces you'll inhabit, from simple apartments to elaborate homes. Made with antique joinery techniques and modern hardware, this classic Californian piece can be broken-down, flat-packed and re-assembled over the course of a lifetime. You'll find a single tool required for assembly, stowed beneath a leather flap under the table. Only metal-to-metal hardware is employed, so that there is no risk of stripping screw holes, even after many journeys.

Jacob May furniture is crafted with the philosophy that wear and tear are enhancements and that furniture should not be "protected" from the world. While much of what you'll find on the market today is composed of a thin veneer sealed in plastic, we employ only solid wood with a hand-rubbed oil finish. Water rings, scratch marks and other effects of use will appear, disappear and then blend together over time to create a patina that will tell the story of the table’s unique life.

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