Stockist Profile: Atomic Garden

A visit to Atomic Garden in the Rockridge neighborhood of Oakland is a must if you are in the Bay Area.  

The first thing you notice when walking into the store is that it has a pleasingly fresh smell.  I made this observation to Robin, the friendly attendant, and she said that if she had a dollar for every customer who said that she would be able to buy out the store.   Buy out the store is exactly what I wanted to do as I poked around with my camera.

This cute little boutique carries a huge variety of beautiful, hand-made products from around the world.  Towels from Ethiopia, rolling pins from Vermont, ceramics from many corners of the world and now end-grain butcher blocks from Oakland, California. Simple, earthy colors and abundant natural materials give this store a rustic feel.  There is also a clothing section in the back that I didn’t have the time to explore.  

So if you are meandering through the Rockridge neighborhood, definitely wander into this shop and check out their goods.