LA commision. (Where I have been)

The butcher block bar top that I built for Todd Shoberg, Chef and Proprietor of the restaurant Molina in Mill Valley, has been doing good things for me.  In addition to providing me with a good reason to go to dinner and eat delicious food cooked in their wood fired oven, it has brought a few clients into my world.

About six weeks ago an architect from Los Angeles was dining at the bar with his business partner and discussing an ongoing restaurant project they were building in Venice.  At the time they were in need of a woodworker who could bring an abstract design to life.  Todd gave them my contact information and the next morning when I turned on my phone I received a stream of text messages inquiring whether I was available to meet that day, whether I was available to work right away and could I build this crazy thing that they had drawn.

 My girlfriend and I were driving back from visiting her brother in Malibu that morning and when I responded to the architect with that information he wanted me to turn around and meet him at his Malibu studio that afternoon.  Instead we met at my studio in Oakland that afternoon and almost immediately I put aside a dining table aside and began working on this bold and beautiful project.  

So far I have built and sculpted 17 wild panels that line the front of the bar with the help of another talented woodworker friend of mine, Luke Janson.   Describing the design is impossible so below I have included a few sneak peak iphone shots of the work and the process.  Look for some better quality photos of the final project in the coming weeks or months.   (this project may drag out a bit)

Once these panels are complete we will be moving on to work on the bar tops, which will be made out of salvaged white oak slab that we found in the central Valley.