"Jacob May" clarified

My name is David Jacob Ball.  My mother kept her maiden name "May" when she married my father.  I guess she preferred to be a month rather than an object that gets kicked and thrown.

 When I became a designer and woodworker after studying engineering and working in the corporate world I felt like I was unearthing my buried, artistic self.  So, during that transition, I decided to unearth my buried names (many cultures hyphenate their father and mother's last names rather than just losing the mother's maiden name) and use them as my pseudonym for my buried self.  Thus Jacob May came into being.  

When I started my woodworking business it seemed appropriate to continue on by the name that I was using as a woodworker.  Then it got awkward...

"Who's Dave?"  

"I thought your name was Jacob..." 

"If you're Dave who is Jacob?"

So now I again go by the name I grew up with, "Dave Ball" while my business continues to go by the name "Jacob May"

There it is. The genesis of the business name "Jacob May".  

So to clarify, you can just call me Dave.