Stockist Profile: The Perish Trust

If you are walking down Divisadero near Hayes and happen to spot a cute yet mysterious little sign depicting a pomegranate (in either its full or half-eaten state depending on your direction of travel) then I suggest you take a break from your journey and enter the shop over which the pomegranate hangs.  Visiting the store is a nostalgia inducing experience that will have you admiring and appreciating the beauty of authentic Americana.

It is difficult to summarize the products for sale at this interesting little shop near Alamo Square in San Francisco.  The place has the look and feel of your cool, outdoorsy uncle’s cabin; frozen in a time when people felt pride in and cared for the things they owned.  You will have a hard time finding anything made of plastic in their collection of furnishings, accessories and apparel.  Vintage thermoses, dart boards, type-writers and kitchen wares made from wood, metal and ceramics decorate the place.  There is also a collection of magazines and books that celebrate the style this store embraces.  

The owners also take pride in carrying contemporary hand-made products from local artisans.  Various jewelers and ceramacists are represented as well as a budding, local woodworker…

 Check them out!