Shaping up the shop

I feel like it is important to have a pleasant, well organized space to do my work.  So the last couple of weeks have been dedicating to getting my shop in order.  First, I built my "back bench."  Which is where I will store all my hand tools and keep my work organized. I kept it simple, making drawer boxes with table saw dados and using scrap leather as pulls.  The drawer slides I made with strips of scrap poplar laying around that I waxed for easy sliding.  Then I painted it green and filled it up with my tools.  

For the next shop improvement I divided off my section with a wall that was framed with 2x4's and backed with OSB.  For a woodworker it is essential to have wall space to hang clamps, cauls, patterns, and jigs.  Otherwise everything ends up laying on the bench and floor, taking up valuable workspace and cluttering the area.   

The last thing was to build a huge work table with storage.  it is 4' by 8', topped with melamine.  Someday I will make my own solid workbench with vises and holes for hold-downs but for now I will borrow the one in the shop when need be.  

Now that these first few things are done it is time to get another batch of the butcher blocks out to the stores.   Apparently they are selling pretty well.  Then onto the first few furniture pieces I have been designing.